System Maintenance

The Original Rainwater Pillow is easy and efficient to use – and regular maintenance will keep it that way. Each maintenance step is important to ensure that your Original Rainwater Pillow continues to function well over time; these steps are also required to keep your warranty valid.

 maint11. Keep your gutters and the filter clean. The rate at which they will need cleaning depends on the surrounding environment and the time of year.  




 maint2Leaves will clog up your filter and cause water to drain out the overflow, reducing the efficiency of the system. Check the filter every time it rains and you will learn how often your filter will need cleaning. Rotten leaves in the filter can enter the Original Rainwater Pillow and reduce the water quality. During the fall months you might need to clean out the filter each time it rains.

Gravel from asphalt roofing may also collect in the filter. Simply remove the filter pad and rinse it once per month. This is important; if gravel is not removed, it will reduce pump life and terminate the warranty.  

maint32. Check the fittings every six months and make sure they are tight. The fittings on the Original Rainwater Pillow are bolted to the pillow material. Over time, these may loosen and need tightening. Every six months (maybe when you set the clocks back and change the batteries in your smoke detectors?) check the fittings. Use a wrench to firmly tighten them by turning the nuts clock-wise. It is easiest to do this if the Original Rainwater Pillow is full. Do not over-tighten, just make sure that they are firm.  


maint43. Check the threaded connections every six months. Check all system connections every six months by looking for moisture. If the threaded connections loosen, they must be tightened or they may leak.




maint54. Make sure the pump is primed. The pump should remain primed as long as some water is left in the Original Rainwater Pillow after each use. If the prime on the pump is lost, however, manual priming might be necessary. To manually prime the pump, remove the plug on the top of the pump between the intake and the exit pipes. Completely fill the pump with water, replace the plug and turn on the system. 



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