How it Works

Rainwater Harvesting Collection and Use

The Original Rainwater Pillow complete rainwater harvesting kit includes filters, rain pillow, pump and fittings for potable and non potable uses.The Original Rainwater Pillow  is the only truly customizable above ground rainwater harvesting system. The Pillow tanks are build to fit horizontal wasted space which exists in many homes and buildings. Pillows can be installed in crawl spaces, under decks, in parking garages, basement of buildings, under modular classrooms, in greenhouses, and outdoors behind industrial buildings.

Rainfall is typically collected off a roof surface through the gutter downspouts and channeled to a pre filter. Collecting rainwater from a roof structure provides the cleanest water but rainfall can also be collected from the ground surface. All rainwater harvesting systems require some type of pre filtering before the water is stored. The pre filter and first flush device remove any leaf debris or other large particulate matter. There are many varieties of pre filters available offering different degrees of filtration. The pre filter must be a corse filter to allow quick water filtration during a heavy rain event. tHis filtration is extremely inportant because the cleaner the water is before storage, the better the water quality. The Original Rainwater Pillow can be used with all types of filters on the market and we will specify the best option based on the installation location and water use.

The water flows via gravity into the pillow. There is an overflow on the pillow which directs excess water to an infiltration basin (drain, rain garden).

Pumps are used to distribute the water from the pillow. Pumps are sized according to the water flow requirements. There are a variety of pumps ranging from manual, pressure pumps, solar to AC. Pumps need to include functions like dry run protection and automatic new water reset to prevent pump failure. We will specify the best pumps designed for rainwater harvesting systems based on how the collected rainwater will be used and the pillow size.

Once the water exists the pillow, it is non potable and can be used for a variety of applications like outdoor irrigation. The system can easily be connected to an automated irrigation system.

 A secondary filtration system can be added to treat the water all the way up to EPA drinking water standards. Typically the secondary filtration system includes a 25 micron filter, 5 micron filter, carbon block and UV light. Clorine injection systems and reverse osmoses system are also used to clean the water for potable water applications.

Rainwater harvesting is easy !

How to collect rainwater with The Original Rainwater Pillow. Harvested rainwater can be used for outdoor irrigation, toilet flushing, laundry, cooling tower makeup, car washing, fire suppression, and drinking water. Rainwater harvesting and rainwater collection is easy.

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