Ideal Applications

sprinkler installation schematicRainwater Harvesting Ideal Applications

The Original Rainwater Pillow is ideal for...

  • Hose watering
  • Drip irrigation systems
  • Standard hose-driven sprinklers
  • Car washing
  • Filling/topping off swimming pools & hot tub
  • Green House use
    • Radiates heat during the wintersprinkler installation schematic2
    • Absorbs heat during the summer
    • Mild temperature water for direct plant application
    • Fits horizontally under large greenhouse bench
  • Traditional Sprinkler Irrigation System
    • Upgrade to Irrigation pump
    • Can be wired directly to your present irrigation clock
    • Can be fitted with an auto fill valve (to maintain minimum level of water)
  • Toilet Flushing and Clothes machine washing
    • Upgrade to small volume pressure tank and pump
    • Add micron / carbon filtering system
  • Fire Suppression / Fire Gel
  • Potable Water Systems
    • NSF 61 and FDA compliant Pillow
    • Add micron / carbon / filtering system
    • UV light treatmant / Chlorine injection system
  • Storm Water Management
    • Custom size free standing Pillow up to 40,000 gallons
    • Larger Pillows over 40,000 gallons with berm support
    • Custom fittings up to 8" in diameter / manifold fittings
    • High volume filters and pumps