Rainwater Pillow Installations

The Original Rainwater Pillow is designed to be stored in horizontal wasted space (no expensive excavation or visible tank). The Pillows are typically installed in crawl spaces, under decks, in parking garages, basement of building, inside a greenhouse, under modular buildings or outside behind an industrial building.

We build custom sizes and footprints up to 200,000 gallons. Our flexible pillow tanks are the only truly customizable above ground rainwater harvesting system on the market. We build to your site specifications which allows you to ultilize all the availble space and maximize your collection volume with one unit. Typically, each rainwater harvesting pillow will have a fill port, overflow port and pump port. The ports can be placed anywhere on the pillow and various size ports are specified based on the pillow volume.

 Our flexible rainwater harvesting pillow tanks are built to NSF 61 and FDA approval for safe drinking water storage.

 The Original Rainwater Pillow is one of the most economical and flexible options for rainwater storage. The rainwater pillows fold up for easy handling and economical shipping.

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