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How do you get an 11,000 gallon cistern thru a 2 ft square hole?

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With a Cistern Liner ! Our liners fold up, are easy to handle and economical to ship worldwide. Check out our most recent installation profiled below.

St Croix US Virgin Islands

This residential remodel included incorporating a state of the art rainwater harvesting system to provide all the potable water and irrigation needs for the home. Three concrete cistern vaults existed under the home. Custom cistern liners were built to hang in each cistern providing a total water storage capacity of 31,600 gallons. The liners were chosen as the preferred storage container primarily because they provide water quality control, water security in this earthquake prone area, are sealed and will eliminate the common problem of humidity caused by open cisterns in the home environment.

The cistern liners are specifically designed to fit the existing cisterns perfectly with all fill ports and overflow ports custom installed. The liner’s man-way is used to access the interior as necessary for pump maintenance and cleaning.


Positioning Liner Inside the Cistern

The liners are rolled into a tight cylinder and worked through the cistern access hole in the home’s floor. They are then unrolled and positioned in the cistern.

The liner is hung and attached to the appropriate fittings ( fill, drain, pump, and overflow). The three cistern liners are connected and operate as one large system.


13,790 Gallon Liner installed in Cistern #2

Contact Us if you are interested in learning more about rainwater harvesting, cistern liners or The Original Rainwater Pillow. We believe education is fundamental and are here to answer all your questions. Our services include complete system design, installation and turn key solutions for potable & non-potable applications.