Couldn’t be happier!

I had several quotes on rainwater storage systems. Dollars per gallon, Jim was by far the most reasonable. He came exactly when he said he would and did a great job. We had a minor issue with the pipes in the crawl space and he came back on Sunday to fix it, and fixed it properly. We love our rainpillow and brag to all our friends about the 1200 gallons we currently have (we can store uo to 2400 !). Jim was able to get us a custom pillow to maximize volume in our crawl space and was pretty creative in typing in to our gutters. Loved the additional pruning and plant advice too.

The Original Rainwater Pillow was the obvious choice!

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Rainwater Pillow Installation, La Mesa California

For this project, a rainwater pillow was an obvious choice. The house is on a narrow lot that has a steep slope to the front. There is no space for an above-ground tank, except for in locations that are less than ideal due to visibility and traffic. Similarly, there is no convenient location for an under-ground tank.

Conserve rainwater with a durable product

The rainwater pillow allows us to harvest rainwater, store it in a durable product, and use it anytime we want without violating any state or local restrictions. It also saves us money on our local water bill. - Terry T.

Just what I needed for my limited space

I am both an avid gardener and conservationist. Since last summer, I had been searching for an effective way to collect rain water. There is very limited space around my house for either rain barrels or tanks. When I saw the Original Rainwater Pillow display at the GPPA booth of the Southeastern Flower Show, I knew that I had found just what I needed.

We love it!

We have been very pleased with our Original Rainwater Pillow. It is amazing how quickly it fills up and how much water is available.  No worry about breeding mosquitos either. We love it!

Dr. Richard Ludwig - Program Director, Environmental Horticulture, Gwinnett Tech

I love my Original Rainwater Pillow

I love my Original Rainwater Pillow. We had a dinner party last night and I could have sold one for you in Seattle – are you ready to expand? 

Jim has been wonderful to work with, willing to adjust the installation if needed and to add additional downspouts if I want the pillow to fill more quickly.

Saving’s a Breeze – weather.com

Homeowners Embracing Sustainability in a Big Way

Leslie and Bill Heitz, looking for a rainwater system, ran across the Rainwater Pillow, invented by Atlanta horticulturalist Jim Harrington. The Heitzes, who moved to Atlanta this year, weren’t accustomed to water rationing; currently the city allows no outdoor watering.