I love my Original Rainwater Pillow

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I love my Original Rainwater Pillow. We had a dinner party last night and I could have sold one for you in Seattle – are you ready to expand? 

Jim has been wonderful to work with, willing to adjust the installation if needed and to add additional downspouts if I want the pillow to fill more quickly.

The pillow is almost full as I write this. Now, I have to get into a pattern of using it more freely – there is a tendency to hoard the water just in case it never rains again. This weekend I plan to pull out some dead plants and start gardening in earnest. My husband Bill can hardly wait to wash his car.

We are happy customers and are showing friends and neighbors the results of your work almost daily. Please feel free to send future customers to our house to look at our installation if it would help.

Leslie H - Original Rainwater Pillow customer