Rainwater Harvesting - Home Installation

Rainwater Pillows are versatile and are suited for both commercial and home installations. In this video home owners will see how easy it is to install a Rainwater Pillow under a crawl space or deck of your home. Rainwater Pillows provide many benefits to the home owner. Most notably saving on water bills. An additional benefit is that watering your plants and lawn with rainwater is better than using city treated water that has chlorine. So your yard and plants will flourish.

An Original Rainwater Pillow Restaurant Installation

Lure Restaurant - Green Shortz
The Original Rainwater Pillow was honored to be selected as part of the sustainability measures taken at the latest Fifth Group Restaurant eatery Lure, located in Midtown Atlanta. This is the first restaurant in Atlanta to use rainwater to flush toilets. Rainwater captured off the roof ans stored in The Original Rainwater Pillow located in the basement of the building. Green Shortz captured the story for both entities.


3,000 Gallon Original Rainwater Pillow Rainwater Harvesting Installation

Gwinnett Tech Rainwater Pillow Installation. This 3,000 gallon Original Rainwater Pillow installation is at Gwinnett Tech in Atlanta, Georgia. The harvested rainwater will be used of landscape irrigation.

We build custom size pillows to 200,000 gallons. Complete rainwater harvesting system for potable & non-potable applications.