Commercial Portfolio

Lure Restaurant

Lure FullAn Original Rainwater Pillow is installed in the first restaurant in Atlanta to capture rainwater for toilet flushing.

Installation Location - Lure Restaurant - Atlanta, GA

System Size - 3,000 gallon custom size Original Rainwater Pillow is installed in the crawl space of the restaurant

Annual Water Collection Potential - 180,000 gallons

Objective - Toilet Flushing and Outdoor Irrigation



Victoria Garden Mews

 victoriagardenmewsA custom 14,000 gallon cistern liner was built and installed in a cement vault in the basement of the condominium building.

Installation Location - Victoria Garden Mews - Santa Barbara, California

System Size - 20 feet X 10 feet X 7 feet tall custom manufactured to fit the cement vault

Annual Water Collection Potential - 15,750 gallons - 1,125 gallons of water harvested from 1 inch of rainfall

Objective - Outdoor Irrigation and Storm Water Control