Lure Restaurant

Lure FullAn Original Rainwater Pillow is installed in the first restaurant in Atlanta to capture rainwater for toilet flushing.

Installation Location - Lure Restaurant - Atlanta, GA

System Size - 3,000 gallon custom size Original Rainwater Pillow is installed in the crawl space of the restaurant

Annual Water Collection Potential - 180,000 gallons

Objective - Toilet Flushing and Outdoor Irrigation



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Installation Details

Rainwater is collected from the building's 2,480 sq ft roof. Condensation from the air conditioning and refridgeration units is also collected.

State building code requires that the collected rainwater be treated to potable standards. This is achieved through a secondary filtration system.

A 22 gallon per minute pressure pump delivers the stored rainwater through the four stage purification system which consists of a 20 micron filter, 5 micron filter, charcoal block, and UV Light treatment.


Municipal water automatic back up is included in the system for times of extended drought.

A typical restaurant uses a tremendous amount of water making the return on investment for this project very attractive. The constant demand for the harvested rainwater on a daily basis for flushing toilets shortens the system's payback window.