Gwinnett Technical College - Stormwater

The Original Rainwater Pillow is installed outdoors behind a building to collect rainwater for irrigationThe Original Rainwater Pillow is installed behind a newly constructed building on campus.


Installation Location - Gwinnett Technical College - Lawrenceville, GA

System Size - 3,000 gallons - 12 ft x 12 ft x 3.5 ft -custom manufactured

Annual Water Collection Potential - 102,400 gallons

Gallons per rainfall - 2,048 gallons of water is harvested per 1 inch of rainfall

Objective - Outdoor Irrigation and Storm Water Control


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Installation Details - The Original Rainwater Pillow is installed behind a newly constructed building on campus. The harvested rainwater is used to irrigate the landscaping around the building in order to establish the plantings. The pillow material is manufactured from a polymer that is highly UV resistant with proven durability of 25 plus years.

This system is designed to move from building to building as needed. System components also include two downspout pad filters and a pump with a ‘quick coupler’. The pump is removed when not in use and stored in a more secure area.

To re-locate the system, the pillow is drained, folded and easily transported. Fittings are disconnected from the pillow and the filters. The filters are removed from the wall and everything can be moved to the next building.

Gwinnett Tech is a perfect location for rainwater harvesting since buildings have massive rainwater collection potential. The Original Rainwater Pillow is collecting from only about 25 % of the available roof area. The potential rainfall harvest from 1 inch of rain from the whole building is 8,125 gallons. The next step in a simple upgrade would be to use rainwater to flush the building’s toilets.

406,250 Gallons of the ‘cleanest water on earth’ falls on this one building per year!