Marist High School - Atlanta GA

marist2Objective: Outdoor Irrigation and Storm Water Control

Annual Rainwater Harvesting Potential: 51,000  gallons

Roof Area: 1,632 sq ft

A 5,000 gallon custom size 32 ft x 10 ft x 2.5 ft Original Rainwater Pillow was rolled out and installed under a new modular classroom.

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Rainwater is harvested from half of the 3,264 foot square roof and A/C condensation from the whole building.

marist1The system includes a 20 gallon per minute demand pump that will supply irrigation for the new landscape and for the organic garden. The irrigation system includes drip, bubblers and a soil moisture sensor to ensure water efficiency.

This rainwater harvesting system is the second Original Rainwater Pillow installed at the school to control storm water run-off into a Chattahoochee River tributary. The 5,000 gallon pillow can store up to 5” rainfall from one rain event.

Marist school is dedicated to increasing their sustainable design footprint and include rainwater harvesting as a key component to all new construction. Since the new classrooms are modular buildings with crawl spaces, The Original Rainwater Pillow provided the perfect fit.