Jones Residence


The Original Rainwater Pillow installed in the home's crawl space was custom manufactured to fit available wasted space.

Installation Location
- Jones Residence  Atlanta, GA

System Size - 4,600 gallons 17 feet x 14 feet x 3 feet

Annual Water Collection Potential - 66,875 gallons

Objective - Outdoor Irrigation and Storm Water Control


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Installation Details

The Original Rainwater Pillow installed in the crawl space was custom manufactured to fit the available wasted space. The client is an avid perennial gardener in Atlanta and her property has been proven to be in the center of the Atlanta's heat island. She quickly realized that when it does rain on her property, she needed to collect every drop. Harvesting rainwater in 275 gallon cubes around the home became difficult and she looked for a better option. The Original Rainwater Pillow was the best solution because there is plenty of room in her crawl space to store the water without expensive excavation or the visability of tanks.

The collected rainwater is prefiltered with Leaf Eaters at each downspout. The water flows to the pillow via gravity where the system incorporates a demand pump and secondary irrigation filter. The pillow is directly connected to an irrigation system and outdoor spigot that waters about 80% of the perennial garden. The 4,600 gallon Original Rainwater Pillow now provides additional security to harvest the water needed for her garden investment.