Stinnette Residence - Atlanta, GA

stinnette1Objective: Municipal Water Replacement

Annual Rainwater Harvesting Potential: 49,400 gallons / 50 inches rainfall

Roof Collection Area: 1,578 square feet.

Pillow size: A 4,600 gallon custom size 25 ft x 10 ft x 3 ft Original Rainwater Pillow was rolled out and installed in the crawl space.

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The rainwater is harvested from an asphalt shingle roof, pre-filtered to 300 microns at the down spouts with a first flush diverter before storage inside The Original Rainwater Pillow.

The state of the art system uses a 28 gallon per minute demand pump strong enough to provide water to a second story shower, sink and toilet simultaniously. stinnette2The rainwater is filtered to exceed potable water industry standards by using a three stage filtration system followed by 32 gallon per minute UV Light treatment.  The result is water filtered to .5 microns and disinfected above potable water requirements. The pump is controlled by a pressure switch set between 30 and 50 PSI and includes a 20 gallon pressure tank to reduce pump cycling.

The rainwater is additionally jet aerated and filtered to maintain water quality while stored.

This system will provide a constant source of exceptional quality water for all of the homeowner’s needs.

An additional direct benefit from this installation is the reduction of storm water runoff on the property equal to the amount of rainwater harvested.