Hendry Residence - Sandy Springs, GA

hendry2Objective: Outdoor Irrigation and Storm Water Control

Annual Rainwater Harvesting Potential: 72,468 gallons

Roof Area: 2,319 Square Feet

1,449 gallons of water harvested from 1 inch of rainfall

Pillow Size: 1,000 gallons 10 ft x 8 ft x 2.5 ft

The Original Rainwater Pillow installed outside under a new deck was required by the municipality to eliminate any additional storm water run-off from a home addition in a sensitive watershed. The addition was initially denied because of storm water run-off until the rainwater harvesting system was included. The rainwater system harvests rainwater from the whole home and now total storm water run-off into the watershed has been reduced by roughly 300%. In addition to the Original Rainwater Pillow Ben also harvests an additional 550 gallons of rain water from two down spouts. Overflows are directed into a variety of passive rainwater harvesting.

hendry1The collected rainwater is prefiltered at each downspout and  the water flows to the pillow via gravity. The system incorporates a manual pump and also gravity irrigation. The 1,000 gallon Original Rainwater Pillow now provides additional security to harvest the water needed for his garden investment and provided his wife with a home office.

Rainwater harvesting was the key to the approval of the addition and also contributed to a major reduction in storm water pollution.