Robin Hood Lane Residence - Atlanta GA

robin2Objective: Outdoor Irrigation and Storm Water Control

Annual Rainwater Harvesting Potential: 62,500 gallons

Roof Area: 2,000 sq ft

gallons of water harvested from 1 inch of rainfall; 1,250 gal

Pillow size: 5,100 gallons 22.6 ft x 8.7 ft x 3.5 ft custom manufactured to fit the crawl space

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This Original Rainwater Pillow installation is a perfect example of utiliting existing wasted space. The area under the back deck provided for a simple installation and large volume water storage. The system collects from the back half of the residence and channels the rainwater to a single in-ground filter. robin1The rainwater harvesting system is connected to the home’s automatic irrigation system. If the system runs dry, there is a valve that switches over to municipal water.

The client was spending way to much money on outdoor water irrigation and requested that we perform a water audit. Leaks in the irrigation system and inefficient zones where wasting water around the property. By installing the rainwater harvesting system and updating the irrigation system, we will be able to save over 50% of the direct and measurable costs during the irrigation season.