Selecting A Pillow Location

Drawing/Designing Your System on blank template

1. Mark your crawl space supports & walls or deck supports & walls.               

  • Mark Heating and AC units

2. Mark overhead pipes, AC ducts, water/sewer pipes, gas pipes and any others that cross the pillow location.

  • Full pillow height must be 6 inched below any pipe obstruction.

3. Access to and around pillow - must be able to access all fittings when the pillow is full.

4. Filter access - from filter located outside to pillow fill port

  • Will access be thru the crawl space vent or directly thru the foundation?
  • The bottom of the filter must be placed above the height of the full pillow (it is a gravity fill system)

5. Filter overflow

  • Will it be directed into an established drainage system or into the garden?

6. Pillow Overflow

  • Will the overflow hose be directed out the crawl space vent, directly thru the foundation, into a crawl space drain system, or connected to a sump pump system?
  • Gravity drains the water out of the overflow so the overflow pipe must be at or below the full pillow height

7. Electricity - standard pump is 7amps and 115 volts,  6 foot cord

  • Locate available outlet
  • Determine if extension cord is needed ( 12 guage)
  • Add electrical outlet if necessary

8. Pillow Fitting Locations - Best if fill and Pump ports are located on opposite sides of pillow.

  • Overflow drain must be located on center top of pillow
  • Fill Port - 3” female thread
    • Position on side of pillow in crawl space installation
    • Position on top of pillow for under deck installation if possible

Pump Port - 2” female thread

  • Position on side of pillow towards the bottom