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Need a year round water supply for your remote cabin?

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 This client owns a remote mountain cabin where all the fresh water supply is shut off during the winter season. Another issue of concern was that the water source at the top of the mountain basically "dried' up after a flood, and wasn't all that great the entire summer. The client wanted to have a year round self sustaining water source which would allow them to use the cabin during the winter months.  

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 The Original Rainwater Pillow provides a year round water supply for this remote mountain cabin.

A 3,000 gallon custom size Original Rainwater Pillow was installed in the crawl space area and filled from the local water truck prior to the first snow fall in October 2013.
The water in the pillow is used for bathing, toilets, doing dishes etc...not for really drinking (dogs drink it). Given the cold snowy mountain top environment, the client took the following steps to insulate the crawl space area and piping. 

1. Made sure every tiny hole crack etc....was sealed in the concrete crawlspace.

2. Insulated all the new PVC pipes that attached the water pillow to the copper piping cabin feeds.

3. Installed a williams 14K btu direct vent wall heater that would keep the interior of the cabin at about 36 degrees 24/7

4. Installed a "kill" switch for the on demand water pump in a closet in the living area of the cabin to stop all water pressure if needed.

5. Installed an automatic drain valve as well as a manual drain valve on the feed and return lines to/from the water heater. The automatic drain valve open at the moment you turn the "kill" switch to the water pump. (when this happens it drains less than 1 gallon of water)

The outcome:

They had a huge snow storm in November in which the temperature never got above 25 ish for 3 weeks and dipped into the single digits and below 0 every night. The wall heater stayed on most of the time, however they did have some issues with it going out therefore sometimes no heat.  OH...they were not living there, just occasionally going up there like they do in the summer. So they had no idea the heater would go out. With that being said, NOTHING in the craw space even came close to freezing.  The water pillow and the pump and pipes were perfect.
Phase 2:
They will begin harvesting their own rainwater by installing a  pre filter on the south side of the roof to divert all rain water to the pillow and keep it filled to 100%. This has almost NO profile so will not change the aesthetics of the exterior of the cabin. Calculations show that for just that side of the roof will can collect about 350 gallons per 1" of rain.

 In the likely case that they could lose "spring" water for summer or at the extra likely case our spring water time is shortened, they will be daisy chaining another water pillow to the one they have to add 1500 more gallons.


Meet the cabin owner,  Scott Underwood and hear what he has to say about The Original Rainwater Pillow 



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