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Water A Precious Resource At Risk

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May issue of Green Builder

Water, water, NOT everywhere … The theme of the May issue is water conservation. Across the nation, water is becoming a big issue, and savvy builders need to know the options they have in order to comply with the mandates that seem to be cropping up all over.

One alternative to storing a tank above or below ground is using a water pillow. Through his business, The Original RainwaterPillow, president Jim Harrington sells felxible water storage tanks that can be stowed in a crawl space or beneth a deck. Harrington offers to install his systems at homes in and around Atlanta. For those farther away, he leaves it up to the homeowner or builder. “For anyone who’s done light construction, the systems are fairly easy to install. It’s a matter of gluing and screwing pipes together,” Harrington says.