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GreenBuilder magazine recognizes The Original Rainwater Pillow as a Product That Matters in the March EcoLandscaping Guide

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2012 Eco-Friendly Landscaping Roundup

Legitimate “green” landscape products should help homeowners conserve water, spend more time outdoors, or reduce maintenance impacts. Here’s our selection of products that met those criteria at the International Builders’ Show in February – plus some other notable contenders.

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Rainwater Pillow - 3/13/2012

The Original Rainwater Pillow stored under a deck and collects rainwater for outdoor irrigationThe Original Rainwater Pillow can hold from 1,000 to 200,000 gallons of water (customizable), and is a rainwater harvesting system ideal for irrigation, toilet flushing, stormwater management and fire suppression.

This product comes as a complete system with the pillow, filter, pump, remote control and all the fittings fully automated. It can be placed in wasted horizontal spaces such as a crawlspace or under deck or porch areas.

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